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  Vikas PSA

It is common knowledge that to succeed in today's competitive environment, students need an all round approach to apply the basic concepts learnt in different subjects and have a problem solving aptitude. Knowledge is not just confined to subject books. Effective comprehension and communication are key skills that students must possess to ensure success in higher studies and professional areas.


The objective of the schools in general and CBSE board in particular, is not just to provide academic intelligentsia to students, but also to enable them with skills necessary to succeed in competitive examination. Almost all the competitive exams for admissions in courses like Engineering, medical, management and computer science require students to appear for quantitative aptitude, comprehension and problem solving tests. With this objective in mind, Vikas Books Limited has come up with a set of practice tests that would help the students evaluate and enhance their aptitude skills. These tests will also aid the students in improving their scores in their core subjects as these tests are designed to improve their generic skills.


These tests are designed with the objectives laid out by CBSE board for Problem Solving Assessment (CBSE-PSA). Since there is no prescribed syllabus and the Problem Solving is not confined to any particular class, Vikas Books Limited has come up with this unique set of practice tests that will help the students of Secondary classes. The tests are laid out with increasing level of difficulty in such a way that the students and teachers will find the journey to acquiring new skills interesting. Care has been taken to intersperse the questions with useful tips.


We hope that the students will find working through the practice tests an enriching experience that will not only increase their analytical skills but also their mental aptitude and communication skills.

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